Mar 16

The Coronavirus situation of South East Asia offices

Please find below the updates from our India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Manila offices on their impact & precautionary measure under the COVID-19 outbreak. We will keep you updated on the Coronavirus situation in SEA from time to time. Take good care and stay safe. Updated on March 16, 2020 India We have closed down our cochin office, (work from Home) from Today until situation eases. As far as Mumbai is concerned, if the situation worsen,We may work on skeleton staff basis,/ alternative day working / work for home etc.. If the situation do warrant we may shift key people to our Chennai office , as of now the safest state. Indonesia We as Orient Star Indonesia in Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya, will assign staffs alternately at the office and some will do work at home.This will take effect in the next 2 weeks, we will keep to inform you if there is an update regarding OST Indonesia's operational activities. Malaysia Malaysia is now seriously hit by the COVID, cases increased dramatically since last 7 days and we may need to prepare for emergency closure and Business Continuity Plan is in discussion with the HODs today. Manila In view of the recent health situation in the country, the President of the Philippines has raised Code Alert Sublevel 2, where mass gatherings, domestic travel in and out of Metro Manila (by land, sea and air) will be suspended between March 15 to April 14, 2020. This is for purpose of preventing the increasing cases of COVID-19 infection. Private Sectors are advised to exercise all the preventive measure and take part in the prevention of the widespread virus transmission by ensuring the protection of all employees.